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I'm just about to complete a game programming education at Forsbergs school in Stockholm. The classes started in September 2020 and for the last five month I have been doing my internship at a company called A Small Game AB (Stockholm) as a programmer.

Games is something I have enjoyed programming for the last 10 years but this last 2 years I have been able to do it full time thanks to the education.  

In many of the projects I've been involved in I also done the sound design and 3D modeling.

Right now I'm looking for a job as a junior or mid-level programmer.

Here are some of the latest games I have programmed

Solo & Team Projects

Road Rewind

Role: Programmer & Sound Designer

Team Size: 2 programmers, 2 Designers

Duration: 6 weeks

Company: A Small Game AB 

A hyper casual game released for iPhone and Android. 


Role: Programmer, 3D Modeling & Designer

Team Size: Solo Project

Duration: 3 weeks

A prototype I've been working on lately. Hyper casual type of game running on Android.


Role: Programmer & UI Designer

Team Size: 4 programmers

Duration: 3 weeks

A small idle clicker game that was nominated for best mobile game Swedish Game Awards in October 2021.

Map Generator

Role: Programmer, Design & 3D art.

Team Size: Solo project

Duration: 4 weeks

In this game my goal was to program random generated maps and dynamic path finding for the enemies.

Ambulance Simulator

Role: Programmer, Music maker &

3D artist.

Team Size: 2

Duration: 24 hours

This game I made with a friend and we won a online game jam with it. We where to make every asset, music, programming from scratch in 24 hour.

Bouncing Gloves

Role: Programmer, 3D Modeling & Designer

Team Size: Solo Project

Duration: 2 weeks

A quick hyper casual game prototype with bouncing boxing gloves. Runs on Android.

Lake Legends

Role: Programmer

Team Size: 4

Duration: 3 weeks

My role where to program the "fish-o-meter", fishing rod modeling/animation and the inventory system.

Neon Nights

Role: Programmer

Team Size: 12

Duration: 4 weeks

My role in this where to program material shaders, character handling and a teleport system among other things.

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